'Afloat' Photography of Nancy Rich

March 22
1:00 pm
Wellesley Free Library
Nancy Rich highlights the rugged and beautiful rowboats that serve New England lobstermen and women, ferrying them to and from their larger craft moored offshore.  Other images in her Afloat exhibit portray elegant "sea sculptures" found along the north Atlantic coastline, and a third collection shares the whimsy of objects floating in liquid or frozen in ice.
Some facts of note:
Sheridan House published a book of my wooden boat photographs titled, "Afloat on the Tide."  A copy of the book is on display at the exhibit.  The book is the only one of its kind, and it serves as a historical record of the small wooden boats of the north Atlantic coast.  Sadly, these iconic boats have all but been replaced by boats made of fiberglass, rubber, aluminum, and plastic.

Nancy Rich's photos will be on exhibit for the Month of March at the Wellesley Free Library.