The Comic Book Group

November 09
7:00 pm
AMC, Framingham on Flutie Pass
Morse Institute Library

This month the Bacon Free Library and the Morse Institute Library Comic Book Club will meet at AMC Framingham 16 to read and discuss Thor: The Goddess of Thunder and watch Thor: Ragnarok!

When the classic Thor is no longer righteous enough to wield his hero-making mallet, the only person worthy enough to take up the mantle is a lady, and she's every bit up to the task. Marvel stalwart Aaron ensures that there's enough humor and scrappy personality to offset all the standard trappings. Dauterman's majestic, gleaming figures, meanwhile, smash through intricately imagined fantasy environments.

Comic Book Group meets on the second Thursday of each month. Copies of this month's title will be available at the Bacon Free Library and the Morse Institute Library. Refreshments will be served. For more information contact Dave Bartos at 508-647-6521 or Meena Jain at 508-653-6730.

Dave Bartos
LOCATION: AMC Framingham 16, 22 Flutie Pass, Framingham, MA