We are pleased to announce that on August 21st the Massachusetts Cultural Council designated Natick Center as one of only ten initial Massachusetts Cultural Districts!

With this designation, the Natick Center Cultural District will be partnering with the State and other Massachusetts Cultural Districts to help attract more artistic and cultural enterprises, encourage business and job growth, expand tourism, preserve and reuse historic buildings, enhance property values, and foster local cultural development.

In the Natick Center Cultural District, visitors can expect an intimate friendly experience and the rich heritage of a classic New England town, while celebrating a vibrant, contemporary fusion of art, culture and business. Against the backdrop of the quintessential New England town center, a passionate group of committed individuals and organizations work, through their businesses and studios, to create a dynamic and diverse community.

According to the Massachusetts Cultural Council "A cultural district is a specific geographical area in a city or town that has a concentration of cultural facilities, activities, and assets. It is a walkable, compact area that is easily identifiable to visitors and residents and serves as a center of cultural, artistic and economic activity. The Massachusetts Cultural Council recognizes that each community is unique and that no two cultural districts will be alike."

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Visit the Massachusetts Cultural Council and read what they have to say about the Natick Center Cultural District!