Public Video Art Projection Event

July 19, 2018

Electric Pilgrims

The conclusion of the Natick Cultural District's Art Walk will be a public video art projection on the TCAN parking lot (14 Summer Street) from 8:30 – 9:30 pm on July 19. Presented by Emerson Urban Arts, the event will consist of approximately a dozen artists videos projected across the side of the building, beginning with an exploding galaxy and concluding with the title piece Electric Pilgrims. The artists’ videos take visitors on a journey from dreamscapes to the reality of contemporary society.


David Akiba, Emerson College, Chroma, 2017

George Demir, Academy for Media Arts, Cologne, Goecmenler, 2017

Emily Kahn, Boston, Architecture Fragments

Ati Maier and Remi Pawlowski, New York, Milkomeda, 2017

Andrew Neumann, Emerson College, 2018

Bruce Pearson, New York, Occupy Space, 20XX

Robert Sabal, Emerson College, Passing Through,

Paul Turano, Emerson College, Hammock Poem, 2017

Van McElwee, Webster University, Electric Pilgrims, 20XX


Emerson Urban Arts is Emerson College’s venue for the visual arts presents exhibitions and programs that focus on performance and media arts. Emerson Urban Arts is part of a larger public visual art program consisting of the Media Art Gallery, the Paramount Urban Screen, the Huret & Spector Gallery, and temporary public arts projects.