Fitness Distributors

13-25 South Avenue, Natick, MA 01760, USA

From our central location in Natick we sell and service equipment throughout New England. Although in business longer than most of our competitors (since 1984), we have consciously decided not to open other stores and become another large chain. In this way we control the quality of what we do; from answering the initial phone call, to demonstrating the equipment in our showroom, to delivering your equipment and being there to support your purchase. 

We only sell the best available equipment in the marketplace from Landice, BodySolid, BH-Fitness, and Schwinn.

We encourage you to call us with any needs you may have in the area of health and fitness and challenge us to work with you to find the right answer. It may surprise you to find that the solution we offer might not always be to buy equipment at all. We truly believe that helping everyone focus more on being fir and healthy is in Fitness Distributors long-term best interest.