Exhibits Around the Common

Until a few years ago, Natick Center was not known for its public art. That began to change shortly after the creation of the Natick Center Cultural District in 2012.

In 2014, in the first of a series of projects funded by the NCCD, the back of the bus shelter turned into a landscape filled with flowers, bugs and animals. Liza Curtis (you many listent to her audio below) and Monica Erickson designed and painted the mural. If you read the bottom of the mural, you can try and count how many of each creature you can see.

On the other side of the shelter, across from the post office, there’s a mural gracing the front of the Common Street Spiritual Center. The “Unity Mural,” based on the Biblical passage “I am the vine, you are the branches …,” was created by Scott Pressler, installed by Carmine Saccardo, and dedicated to Anit James. The mural was installed in 2015.

In the spring of 2016, the electrical boxes on the Common became public art, thanks to Jeanne Williamson and Jason Cheeseman-Meyer. After the NCCD issued a “call to artists” in the fall of 2015, Williamson and Cheeseman-Meyer submitted the winning designs. Williamson painted the box closest to the corner of routes 135 and 27, and shows a series of squares. The box closest to South Main Street has become a ring of smiling children, thanks to Cheeseman-Meyer.

Jeanne Williamson-Ostroff Electrical Box
Jason Cheeseman-Meyer Electrical Box