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Natick Receives a Businesses Marketing Technical Assistant Grant

Town of Ashland and Cities of Framingham and Natick receive a $250,000 Business Marketing Technical Assistance Grant from the MA Office of Business Development

Ashland, MA (April 15, 2021) – The Massachusetts Office of Business Development presents the communities Ashland, Framingham, and Natick a $250,000 Business Marketing Technical Assistance Grant, funding a new program helping struggling small businesses in this region. 

The Business Marketing Technical Assistance Grant focuses on an identified need for marketing support within the business community. Business owners will have an opportunity to work directly with marketing professionals to create, redesign or update their website, upload an online point of sale tool to business websites where applicable, and focus on digital marketing strategies for direct marketing to consumers. 

The grant will be open to all sectors for businesses under 50 employees that have been in business since March 10, 2020. Preference will be given to BIPOC, women, LGBTQIA+, or veteran-owned businesses, and those that have not already received CARES Act funds. Each business will be given options of service based on their need:

  • Package 1: Branding & Website Updating or Creation
  • Package 2: Website Update and Social Media Guidance and Creation
  • Package 3: Website Update to include Point of Sale Creation
  • Package 4: Website Update, Point of Sale Implementation, and Social Media Guidance

Based on the business’s marketing needs, they will be paired up with a marketing specialist that best fits their needs. The consortium hopes to support over 50 businesses with this technical assistance. The overall goal of this grant is to increase sales, drive business, stimulate the economy and keep communities vibrant. This grant opportunity will provide a much-needed resource to help businesses survive in a very challenging time. 

The team that consists of Economic Development leaders in Ashland, Framingham and Natick are working together to utilize the funds provided by the MA Office of Business Development to bring a unique opportunity to businesses in the region.  

“Each of the grant projects in Metro West exemplify the benefits of public-private partnerships and the full range of collaboration to be found in the Commonwealth,” said Senate President Karen E. Spilka. “These grant recipients have a demonstrated track record as leaders creating access to otherwise unavailable expertise. As we continue to go ‘back to better,’ it is so critical that businesses are able to raise their profile in the community and be involved in our region’s full economic recovery.”

“We are excited to work with our colleagues in Framingham and Natick to provide a service for small businesses at a critical time”, states Beth Reynolds, Economic Development Director for the Town of Ashland. “It is out hope that this opportunity will provide much needed support to more than 50 businesses”.  Ashland will be the lead community in the distribution of the grant funding.  

“This grant program is two-fold, we are helping to support marketing teams who will provide the services and offering a service to businesses that are struggling with their online presence”, states Ted Fields, Senior Planner, Town of Natick.   

“If businesses are well represented on the digital platform they are more likely to find long-term success. Visitors and patrons are more likely to trust and spend dollars in a business that has a trustworthy website that is easy to use and navigate. This grant will be able to assist several businesses in the MetroWest region find success and grow their business,” states Erika O. Jerram, Deputy Director Planning and Community Development, City of Framingham. 

This program addresses an identified need and builds capacity for marketing strategy and best practices for leveraging the web and social media. This grant allows for quick matching of professionals with businesses and for clear deliverables that are still tailored to each business’s individual situation.

Contact: Ted Fields, Sr. Planner Town of Natick

Phone Number: 508-647-6428
Email: [email protected] 

Marketing specialists can obtain a Request for Proposal (RFP) at

Business Applications may be downloaded using the link below.

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