The “Beading” Hearts of Adams Street

Jo LaFalce, Artist of “Beading Hearts” on Adams St.

The “Beading” Hearts of Adams Street is the newest public art
installation on Adams Street in Natick Center. Jo LaFalce, who created
the hearts, is an artist at “Studios @ 3 Adams.” Jo received a grant
from the Natick Cultural Council which enabled her to create the
hearts. The project consists of three large 35” x 30” hearts installed in
a 9’ high brick archway on the back of the Fair and Yeager building.
One heart is decorated with vertical rows of 957 multi-colored beads of
different shapes and sizes. The second heart is entirely covered with
sparkling crystals (too many to count!) of different colors, sizes, and
shapes. The third “rainbow” heart is made up of 3,714 tightly-strung
pony beads in the color of a rainbow. All three hearts make for a
delightful and eye-catching display of spectacular colors!

“The ‘Beading’ Hearts took one year to make and it was truly a labor of
love. I hope it brings a smile to everyone who sees it!”

Jo LaFalce
The Studios @ 3 Adams

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